Refund Policy

Return and Replacement Policy

Our products are all printed on demand which means they are custom made especially for you or your customers. As a result we do not technically offer returns.

However, accidents do happen and your satisfaction is our top priority. So if we make a mistake we are more than happy to reprint and reship the order at our expense. 

We will reprint and reship your order if one of the following situations has occurred:

1-The placement of the printed image is obviously different from the way it appears on the website.

2-If we accidentally printed the wrong image.

3-If we send you a product in the wrong size or color.

4-If the product is damaged during delivery.

5-If there is a defect that occurred during the printing process. For example, gaps in the ink, etc.

For product replacement, please send us an email request for replacement and be sure to include the following:

1-Send an email to with the following subject line:

Order # “your order number” reprint request

2-Please include a photo of the problem product. Use a ruler in the photo if it is a size issue.

3-Be sure to describe the problem to us with as much info as possible

**One of our support team will reach out to you within 48 hours.

The order replacement is your responsibility if one of the following situations has occurred:

1-The wrong size was ordered

If you or your customer made an error in the order process and chose the wrong size or color.

2-Wrong image ordered.

If you accidentally selected the wrong artwork for printing.

3-Wrong address for delivery.

If there is an error in the address and a package is undeliverable or shipped back to us we are happy to ship it out again for the cost of delivery.

Accidents can happen but rest assured we are working very hard to keep you and your customers happy. That’s why we have quality control checkpoints throughout the fulfillment process. Your order is inspected several times from intake all the way through the process until we see it securely packaged and in the hands of your shipping carrier. Your satisfaction is our goal!