Artist Bio

Meet Roxanne Collins, the artist.

Introducing Roxanne Collins, the modest yet passionate artist behind BMX ROX. Having recently retired from a fulfilling 28-year career in hotel management, Roxanne now directs her energy and talent towards her profound love for photography.

Roxanne's photography beautifully captures the essence of the natural world intertwined with the exhilarating spirit of BMX racing. Her work demonstrates her careful eye and dedication, encapsulating and preserving precious moments in time.

With the newfound freedom her retirement offers, Roxanne has fully immersed herself in her passion for photography. She continues to discover and highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary, weaving visual narratives that bring to life the breathtaking excitement of BMX racing and the astonishing beauty of nature.

Welcome to Roxanne's world, a place where the stunning realms of nature and BMX racing collide, offering an experience of beauty, passion, and inspiration.


Roxanne's distinguished photography has achieved significant recognition, prominently featuring on the front page of the Ottawa National Wildlife Foundation’s annual report, Metroparks Toledo's marketing materials, and the Ohio Irish American News. She is also a dedicated photographer for the Toledo Speedway BMX Track. Her compelling work was exhibited in New York City's prestigious Agora Gallery for the Photographer of the Year Photo Exhibition.

Roxanne's photographs, whether they capture the world in stark black and white or rich, vibrant color, offer an immersive, emotion-filled experience that invites viewers to step into the scenes she captures.

And now, the magic of Roxanne's photography can accompany you on your journey! Her online store boasts a variety of items, all designed by Roxanne herself and bearing her captivating images. Owning a piece from her collection means carrying a snapshot of the BMX world with you, infusing your everyday with a touch of artistic passion and BMX spirit.